neuromodulation B Receptor Agonist (NMBR) gestational age of pregnant rats and explore its impact mechanism

Observed neuromodulation B Receptor Agonist (NMBR) gestational age of pregnant rats and explore its impact mechanism. The establishment of accurate gestational age of pregnant mice model, randomized (n = 10). Pregnancy 18d2 6: 00pm, respectively, intraperitoneal injection of NMB (30,90,150 g kg-1), oxytocin (50mIU kg-1) and the volume of solvent, continuous 2d observation of pregnant rats of gestational age and birth interval. Pregnancy 18d6 8,10,12: 00am were given the above treatment, 4h after the last administration to take the pregnant rat uterine smooth muscle tissue, the use NoShift transcription factor analysis to detect the DNA binding activity of NF BP65, semi-quantitative RT PCR and Western blot detection of HSP70 of IL 6mRNA and protein expression. Results 150 gkg-1NMBR group gestational age was significantly shorter than in the control group and low dose group (P <0 05); NF BP65DNA combination of activity, HSP70, and of IL 6mRNA expression level was significantly higher (P <0 05). The conclusion NMBR agonists may be pregnant rat uterine smooth muscle NF the BP65 HSP70/IL 6 pathway to shorten gestational age.

Neuromodulation B Receptor (neuromedinB receptor, NMBR) is a mammalian bombesin (bombesin, BB) receptor family members, showed a significant difference in expression in uterine smooth muscle before and after the labor. The NMBR role in the onset of labor and the mechanism is unclear, but studies have shown that the NMBR upstream gene with neuroendocrine function, with G-protein coupled receptor (Gprotein coupled re ceptor, GPCR) structure of the downstream gene nuclear factor B (nuclearfactor {kappa} B NFB) is the hub of transcriptional activation of the cells within a variety of ways, and modulation of cytokines, the production of stress proteins, suggesting that the NMBR the basis of good contractions of drug targets. In this paper, the effects of different doses of NMBR agonists of pregnant

Mouse gestational age and birth interval, clear NMBR role in the delivery start; NFBP65DNA pregnant uterus smooth muscle cells through its binding activity of heat shock protein 70 (heat shockpro tein70, HSP70) and interleukin 6 (of interleukin 6, IL 6) mRNA and protein expression to explore the mechanism of the the NMBR influence of gestational age.


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